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With time everything is going online. More than 60% of the world’s population has internet access presently. So, the online business industry is a boom now. You can sell the book, cloth, electronics, or any item online. Not only that you can sell medicines online, or deliver foods/vegetables/groceries to customers’ doorstep using online platforms. We help you by providing such a platform which is scalable and cost-effective.

The customizable E-commerce platform of Knowlezz Glotech consists of four main applications namely customer application, delivery boy application, vendor application and admin portal. All the applications are very user friendly, highly secured and smooth to use.

Customer application:

This application is for customers to access the portal for buying their desired items/products.

Some important features of the vendor application are as followed:

I. People can search or browse for their desired product/item(s).

II. Products will also be shown to customer when the app is opened by default.

III. People can sort or filter the products based on pricing, brands, colour etc.

IV. Customer can see the details of product/item(s).

V. Wish list or cart option will be there.

VI. Payment gateway.

VII. Order details.

VIII. Delivery status etc.

Delivery boy application:

This application is for the delivery boy who will deliver the products to customer.

Main features of delivery boy application are as below:

I. Pending orders.

II. Delivered product.

III. Can see the products which are rejected by the customers.

IV. Able to see the product bill.

V. Can see the delivery address.

VI. Can put the item (s) as delivered.

VII. Commission portal (if any)

VIII. Accepting/rejecting of orders (for food delivery e-commerce) etc.

Vendor application:

The vendor application will be used by those who will actually sell the products/ items (e.g. for food delivery, restaurants will use this app).

Main Features of this application are bellowed:

i. Statistical Dashboard.

ii. New and completed orders

iii. Enable/disable certain item/menu.

iv. Open/close the shop.

v. Accept/decline an order.

vi. Commission portal (if any).

vii. Putting the transportation status etc.

Admin portal:

This part is for the backend administrator who will control the overall software and business.

Some major features of the admin portal are followed:

i. Statistical dashboard.

ii. Vendor/category wise Product entry/Stock entry.

iii. Product type update delete.

iv. Product availability/non- availability.

v. SMS to buyer.

vi. Registration of Delivery boy and vendor/seller; disable the registration if not required.

vii. Price setting.

viii. Discount setting.

ix. Category Setting.

x. Adding the complete vendor panel.

xi. Coupon/Discount panel.

xii. Commission management.

xiii. Payout Management.

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