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Stock and Billing system:

The most basic important software need of micro, small and medium business is to have a stock and billing management system where mainly inventory management along with sales system management using Pos (Point of sales) system can be done.

Our inventory and billing system is very flexible. We have 2 versions of it. One is with VAT (Value added Tax) another is with GST (Goods and Services Tax). You can control the data related to vendor. Not only that you can use the software as a reseller or as a distributor; you can use it for all types of shoes including medicine shop. Doesn’t it sound really cool!

The broad features of this software are as below:

a) Inventory management

b) VAT or GST

c) Discount management while selling

d) Discount for a particular period

e) Vendor/Brand management

f) Distribution management

g) Expiry date management

h) Item’s location/shelf management

i) Insurance management

j) Credit management (Bakikhata/udhari)

k) Bill’s management

l) Low stock module

m) Expiring soon module

n) Intelligent Reports

o) Access from anywhere in the world

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